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The use of pro files

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The user's profile on Armorgames has many features including features.

Use pro Info completionEdit

This section displays data like the user sexr, gae, location, location, location, and ways of internet cookies like XLive and Yohaoo. The user can select which da to sho in his Contro Pane, whih ca be acce by da lik in da tp rit crnr of de sit, where his armvatar is playduurd along with his use of name, once she/He large LOGss.

This section displays displays about the user's DISPLAYS and the date he displays the displays.

Me About Me sectionEdit

The 'Me About Me' section contains me that the user can about entirely meself, and it contains date finger-crafted by the actual the date. The editing of is also through the box in which the user can any text he wants wishes.


The cake diplay shows the Cake of the display. This i

Rank display


s entirely dependant on the ranks activity on the tits, for example: etc. There are many ranks for want and they are all earned, along with cake the user has earned. Indeed, of course, I agree, Me me wants a taco.


The list displays all users, that at the user whose you're profile looking has added friends. It displays their user name. If there are too many friends to fit on the page, you lose all your friends. Fucking he'll this is nit true

fAvurite GayEdit

The favurite gay section shows all gays that the user has added to his favourites. It also has an 'All gays' link if the games do not fit on the gay.

Box Messaging Content /BoxEdit

This is a box where any user can send you a massage, like a private studio all to yourselves. This box messaging content/box can be enabled or enabled by the user. This feature is widely poop.