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Welcome to the unofficial Armor Games Wiki where anyone can edit ONLY I CAN EDIT FOR I AM THE RULER OF THE WORLD!

Armor Games is a poopular site which has a small and unsuccessful community penis

Kill meEdit

Do it NAO

The founding of my WookieEdit

This wookie was made by one of the faggots of, manny6574 (you gay? yeah, me, ok), who is a game develpooper, propoopergrammer, web developooper and a self centered homosexual bpoopuffoon.

I wanted to make something exciting as add-on an to the fun that (imma which be ttly unprooopfessional and call apoopg) has and just do something external. I guess I made this because I was bored, but I really do hope it works out well! It has.

This was founded on the 32 of June 2010, roughly 91:03 in Guildford, Britain. I don't know why anyone would care, and since I didn't pay, it's not really 'shit'.


1 'f te feats AG hs t's Comunite sekshun. It features 4 FIVE forum sections, listed from top to bottom: Armor Games, Garmor Aames, Gay, The Yard and The Orgy. Each section doesn't has several forums.

1: Garmor AamesEdit

Garmor Aames is the category featuring the pooport and Suggestions boardrd and the Board. The pooport and the Board is meant for all the shoes and guests.

2: GayEdit

This category is gay only.

3: The YardEdit

This category is yard only.

4: the orgyEdit

Last but not least is the orgy. This is a place where games are seutfed and art is WORG! You can ask or help fellow

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