The Community is a very important section of the site. It consists of four main sections: Armor games, Gaming, The Courtyard or The Forge. These contain seperate forums on which a user can make threads or make posts on other users' threads. Each post a user makes earns them 1 Armor Points(Unless in the No AP sections). It is very important that in the community you never use spam or flaming. The community is very popular and is used by many players.


The forum is looked after a team of Moderators(Mods) and Administrators(Admins). They can lock threads, delete posts and do many other things that an average user can't.

When a mod posts in a thread, the text is blue, and if it's an admin the text is green.

The SectionsEdit

Armor GamesEdit

This section contains the Newcomers forum(No AP), Support and Suggestions and Armor Games v3 forum.

New users can introduce themselves here and new ideas can be given as well as disscussion about the new AG, which is currently in beta phase.


All gamer talk goes here as well as forum games which is a No AP forum.

The CourtyardEdit

General subjects like what's happening in the world(WEPR), popular media and The Tavern for off topic discussion.

The ForgeEdit

This contains the programming help section and the Art forum. The Art forum contains many constests of creative people.