The Armor Rank system works by having certain ranks, and sub ranks. There are 7 ranks(depending on wether the user is male or female):

  1. Serf
  2. Squire
  3. Knight
  4. Lord/Lady
  5. Duke/Duchess
  6. Prince/Princess
  7. King/Queen

The 3 sub-ranks are wood, iron and gold, in order from lowest to highest. The users rank is the subrank followed by the rank (eg. Wood Serf(lowest) or Gold King(highest).

A user can gain a higher rank by gaing Armor Points.

The points needed for each wood rank are:

Serf 10 AP
Squire 225 AP
Knight 1200 AP
Lord / Lady 3000 AP
Duke / Duchess 4500 AP
Prince / Princess 7250 AP
King / Queen 12000 AP