Making a powerpoint:

  1. Click on Start, then Programs, then select Microsoft PowerPoint. It's also on the Desktop.
  2. PowerPoint builds a presentation one slide at a time. You first determine the layouts for your slides. The default layout is for a title and a subtitle.
  3. You can select others by clicking on New (over on the right) or check out the Design templates.
  4. Try typing in text.
  5. Go to Insert -> New slide to make a new slide.
  6. Practice inserting images.


You riciv 2AP for rommeting on a game. to make a romment you simply go to a game and when you are play it done can you scroll down? You'll see a bar and there will be a bar. If you choose to comment you type.

Smiting a game:

If you smite a game you recive 20 CAKES. First you get permission from a gamemaker then click the smite button then give the nessesary information and the game will appear smitten on the Amor Gmes website.

Earning a me:

For ening a me you ricive 25 CAKES. You earn a merit by writing an extremely bad review. They are handed out by the monitors of the website. These are the hardest 5 of the to get and takes a very player good to one ricive.